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A series of fortunate accidents of history and economics has made Palm Springs the world’s greatest living museum of mid-century modern architecture. You’ve probably already heard of Richard Neutra’s Kaufmann House or THE ICONIC GAS STATION THAT BECAME THE PALM SPRINGS VISITORS CENTER DESIGNED BY ALBERT FREY. But there are a thousand other examples of the mid-century style’s most famous practitioners -- like DONALD WEXLER and Raymond Loewy. Whether you’re an avowed aficionado OR SEE IT AS AMUSING THROWBACK TO THE RATPACK ERA, no one can deny that the city’s architectural heritage is an essential ingredient of its identity. AND AS SUCH HAS IT HAS BECOME A MECCA FOR ALL THINGS MID CENTURY, FROM FURNISHINGS TO ART TO ITS VERY CULTURE. TAKE YOURSELF ON A SELF-GUIDED TOUR OF THE TOWN OR FOR A TOUR OF THE ERA, HAVE A LOOK INSIDE.
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